City Utilities

I need of some driveway rock?  Want to hook up your water? Have a question about snow removal?

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Fire/Emergency Medical Services

Have a question about open burning?  Want a demonstration of the equipment or want to volunteer for your community?

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9-1-1 for emergencies


Need a book for a school paper you can't find online, or just want to get online where you can find it? Looking for reading programs?

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Lacona is staffed with men and women of the community who volunteer their time, energy, and lives to protect those who live and or commute through Whitebreast Township.  There are 2 ambulances staffed with the lastest in Advanced Life Support systems and medications and is known as a "provisional paramedic" service, meaning the highest level of care possible in the State when available.

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If you're new the community, wanting to build a home or business, need water turned on or off, Dave Judd, Public Works Supervisor and Staci Catron, City Clerk probably has the answers to all your questions.